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The 2014 AAPL forensic Psychiatry Syllabus is currently available! You can order it here.

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Professional Books is a unique book store that stocks all the latest titles in the mental health field from a wide range of publishers.  We're located on 232 California Street in Newton, just down the road from both Watertown Square and the Mass Pike.  Our building is currently under renovations... we hope to be re-opened for in store traffic sometime in the spring.

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Running a conference, and need a book display?  Read on!

In addition to visiting our store, we will often come to you at various conferences and CME courses that take place both locally and nationally -- from large annual meetings to small training workshops.   We will work with you to set up a book display that meets the needs of your event; from bringing all our books to you and selling them on site, to setting up a small display of select titles or just creating a bibliography to hand out at the event.     Our goal is not just to sell books at your conference, but enhance the program by providing comprehensive resource for your attendees.   If you're a conference organizer or an author that would like Professional Books to be a part of your event, please feel free to Contact us  to discuss having a book display set up at your event. 

 As part of our new site, we'd also like to help your organization set up your own special section here on our site by participating in our new Connections in Mental Health Program.  By joining the program, you'll get a link to your site here. We'll post the link along with some information about what your organization's all about.  You'll also get your very own category in our inventory, where we'll list the books YOU recommend, with YOUR description.  Then, by linking that category to your site, you can earn cash or store credit every time someone buys one of those books!  We think this program will be a great way for organizations to help get the information they need to their members, and even help sell books authored by their members.

If you are an author and you'd like us to list your book here on our site, please feel free to let us know about it. We are always on the look out for the most recent titles to provide to our customers, especially those books that are overlooked by mainstream outlets. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!